Saturday, May 30, 2015

2006 Ford F250 Ball Joints Tie Rod Ends Front Suspension Repair

Moog suspension parts are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. There are other options out there for this whole front suspension kit, but I wouldn't take the chance of having to perform this job again 2 years later because of using substandard parts that "Meet or exceed OEM" from China.

Go with the Moog parts, and you can be much more secure in the final outcome of your job and it's likely to last many years.

These parts were required for my 2006 Ford F250 4x4. The same parts are required for all 4-wheel drive F250 and F350 from 2005 to 2007. These parts may also fit other applications.

Here are the main parts that are required:
  • Moog ES80755 Right Outer Tie Rod End
  • Moog ES80754 Left Outer Tie Rod End
  • Moog K80026 Upper Ball Joint
  • Moog K8607T Lower Ball Joint

Other parts that are required for this job were purchased from AutoNation Ford.  They are a For dealership that stocks many authentic Motorcraft parts.  I decided to get all of the axle shaft seals and O-rings from them.  Here are the appropriate part numbers.  You will need two of each of these items to do both front wheels.

Knuckle (hub) Seal - Motorcraft P/N: 5C3Z-3254-B (x2)

Axle Shaft Dust Seal - Motorcraft P/N: AC3Z-1S175-A (x2)

AutoLock Hub O-Ring kit - Motorcraft P/n: 5C3Z-4A322-AA (x2)

And finally - a video to help you understand how to get the job done.  This guy does a good job explaining things.